Construction sending popular hot dog spot to the dogs

Posted at: 09/18/2013 6:02 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

HUDSON FALLS - A stretch of Route 4 in Hudson Falls is all torn up.

State contractors are ripping up and replacing pavement, sidewalks, curbs and drainage.

It started in the spring and will continue full steam ahead until December and then begin to wind down until next construction season.

The New York State  D.O.T. says the whole project will cost taxpayers about 10-point-five million dollars.

But it could cost the owner of the Dog Shack her business.

The popular hot dog eatery claims to have sold more than forty million since it opened in the early 1970's.

But because of this construction project, their dog selling business has gone to the dogs.

"It's 12:30, I should have people waiting outside to get in here. We're in dire straits. I don't know what else to do," said Stephanie Little, as she served hot dogs Wednesday afternoon.

Little says their business is off by more than 50-percent since construction began. Signs instruct out-of-towners to avoid the area and locals don't want to deal with the delays and the torn up roads.

"I feel bad. I can't imagine too many people going out of their way to come here even though they love the food," said Rebecca Pyatovsky a Dog Shack customer from Fort Ann.

The staff at the Dog Shack says things have gotten so bad, that they may have to sell. They've put the place on the market, because they fear the construction will last longer than they can.

"Just keep coming in," said Little. "We need all the help we can get."

The Dog Shack has been listed with Realty U.S.A. for $324,900.

A D.O.T. spokesman says he knows the construction can create hardships, but it's work that has to be done and he appreciates the patience of businesses and residents.