Baby giraffe born in Fulton County

Posted at: 09/24/2013 6:01 PM
Updated at: 12/06/2013 3:41 PM
By: Kumi Tucker

GLOVERSVILLE - She's only two days old and she is already getting the hang of traveling around on her long legs.

This bouncing baby girl giraffe named Autumn was born six feet three inches tall and about 135 pounds at Adirondack Animal Land in Fulton County.

"That is the amazing part," said owner Dave Eglin. "Even to me, it never ceases to amaze me. The size that they come out and of course, they're up on their feet and ready to go."

"We've actually given her all her colostrum so she has all of her antibodies to survive. And we're bottle-feeding her four times a day. Unfortunately, mom didn't have any milk and we realized that."

Her mother and father, April and Stretch are outside. They are at least 16 feet tall.

April carried Autumn for 14 months. This is the fourth giraffe born at the wildlife park to the same couple. The other three others were males and sold because of the danger of fighting between father and son.

They can keep autumn.

She is like many babies, curious and playful and full of energy. She wants to explore whatever she can.

Giraffes are rare in the Northeast, of course, and here in Fulton County they have a breeding pair.

There are some special challenges to caring for them. Their owner says they enjoy the outdoors, and also have an open door into a special heated building with especially high ceilings.

"This building has radiant heat. It also has an incandescent lighting system. It has an air transfer station that brings in fresh air every 15 minutes to them in the wintertime," said Eglin.

The giraffes are a popular attraction at Adirondack Animal Land, where they have everything from zebras to camels to kangaroos. But you are going to have to wait to meet Autumn because the park is closed for the season. It will be back open in the middle of May, and Autumn will probably be some two feet taller by then.