Halfmoon supervisor faces indictment

Posted at: 10/17/2013 11:36 AM
Updated at: 10/17/2013 6:39 PM
By: WNYT Staff

Mindy Wormuth
Mindy Wormuth
Photo: File / WNYT

For Mindy Wormuth, the embattled lame-duck supervisor of the Town of Halfmoon, Thursday was a very bad afternoon.

In the space of less than three hours, she was arranged in town and federal court, on five felony charges.

It was just before 4 p.m. when Wormuth was led into handcuffs into town court. The State Attorney General’s Office is charging her with three felonies for allegedly stealing more than $6,000 from her own campaign fund called “Friends of Mindy Wormuth”.

Three hours before at 2 p.m. Wormuth was arraigned in federal court on two felony charges that could get her up to 25 years in prison if found guilty.

Wormuth is charged with taking $7,500 from the folks promoting mixed martial arts in New York State, in return for sponsoring the resolution in the Board of Supervisors in support. Mixed martial arts failed to get state approval this year.

“The simple fact is she is not guilty, and we expect that to prevail at the conclusion of this matter,” said James Knox, Wormuth’s attorney.

“This relates to one person, one elected official. The rest of us are very hard working officials, who I know personally work very hard to do the right thing,” said John Wasielewski, of the Halfmoon Town Board.

Wormuth pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. She was arraigned in Waterford instead of Halfmoon, due to conflict of interest potential.

Federal authorities had wanted Wormuth to undergo inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance abuse. Her attorney objected to that, and the judge agreed.

The judges let her go without any bail, and she made no comment as she left.