Figures on government spending and debt

Updated at: 10/09/2015 12:52 AM

(AP) WASHINGTON - WASHINGTON (AP) — Figures on government spending and debt (last six digits are eliminated). The government's fiscal year runs Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

Total public debt subject to limit Oct 718,112,975
Statutory debt limit18,113,000
Total public debt outstanding Oct 718,150,545
Operating balance Oct 787,139
Interest fiscal year 2015 thru Aug234,680
Interest same period pvs fiscal year239,753
Deficit fiscal year 2015 thru Aug529,960
Deficit same period pvs fiscal year589,162
Receipts fiscal year 2015 thru Aug2,883,250
Receipts same period pvs fiscal year2,669,126
Outlays fiscal year 2015 thru Aug3,413,210
Outlays same period pvs fiscal year3,258,288
Gold assets in Aug11,041

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