Brain stimulation may help drivers with Parkinson's Disease

Posted at: 12/19/2013 5:45 PM
Updated at: 12/19/2013 5:52 PM
By: WNYT Staff

People with Parkinson's Disease, who have trouble driving, may want to consider deep brain stimulation.

German researchers find deep brain stimulation may work just as well as medications when it comes to getting a patient behind the wheel.

Dr. Andre Machado did not take part in the study but treats Parkinson’s patients at Cleveland Clinic.

“Patients that had had deep brain stimulation and were placed behind the driving simulator did not perform any worse than patients that had Parkinson's disease and were being treated with medication only,” he says.

In some cases, researchers found those with stimulators performed better than those without Parkinson’s.

Complete findings for this study are in the journal of the American Academy of Neurology.