Quick and Easy Ornaments from Alexandra McDowall of Jo-Ann Fabrics

Posted at: 12/21/2013 9:34 AM
Updated at: 12/22/2013 2:57 AM
By: Amy Adamchick

Quick and Easy Ornaments from Alexandra McDowall of Jo-Ann Fabrics

Glowing snow ball ornament:


Clear Ball ornament (ornament must come apart in two halves.)

Fake snow stuffing

strand of micro-LED lights

Step 1:

take a small amount of stuffing and wrap it around the battery pack of the LED light.

Wrap the lights tightly around the batting ball, taking care to make sure that the lights are dispersed evenly around the ball.

wrap another thin layer of batting loosely around the ball. This should hide the wires from being visible in the finished ornament and give it a softer glow.

place the batting ball inside of the ornament and snap shut. To operate the light, open up the ball and turn on the battery pack, then close and display. Since LED lights do not generate heat, the ornament will glow safely.

Glittery Snow Ball ornament


Clear ball ornament with an opening at the top

fake snow flakes

glitter spray

a paper towel tube


thin ribbon

hot glue (optional)

Take the hanging attachment off of the ornament and set aside. Pour a small amount of the fake snow flakes into the ornament. Ornament should be between one-quarter to one-third full. to make it easier to fill, place the ornament onto a cardboard paper tube.

Using short, quick bursts, spray the top of the ornament with the glitter spray. Use the paint brush to pull down the excess glitter to avoid buildup. When finished, allow twenty minutes for the spray to fully dry.

Re-attach the hanging part of the ornament. Cut a length of ribbon and fasten it to the stem of the ornament. Hot-glue in place if desired.