Standoff in Colonie ends with one arrest

Posted at: 12/21/2013 2:58 PM
Updated at: 12/21/2013 7:35 PM
By: Dan Levy

The 911 call came in as a domestic disturbance from a young woman at 89 Consaul Rd. who said her boyfriend threatened her with a gun to her head, stabbed her, and beat her up. Police arrived at around 8:30 Friday night.

"The officers could see the person pacing on the second floor. They surrounded the house. A very short time later he walked out of the house with a gun, brandished the gun at officers. One of our officers did take a shot at the suspect and missed," said Colonie Police Chief Steve Heider.

That police gunshot chased the suspect, 24-year old Timothy Anatriello Jr., back inside. Fifteen minutes later, his injured girlfriend and his father came out, with everything unfolding right before the eyes of terrified neighbors.

"I was in the tail end of the Vietnam War. So I get a little edgy when stuff like that happens. I stayed awake the whole time," said resident Robert Ferreira.

Another neighbor, Devin Fitzpatrick said, “I’m curious. So I would want to watch. It’s not safe, but it’s hard to turn away.”

With Consaul Road barricaded and shut down and many neighbors evacuated, after more than five hours of fruitless negotiating, police fired tear gas canisters through the windows just before 2 a.m. and Anatriello gave up.

"We know for a fact there was a shot fired in the house. We also do know that when we finally made entry into the house after his surrender, he had his gun stacked at the top of the stairs in a loaded position," said Heider.

Timothy Anatriello Sr., the suspect's father, disputed most of the police version. According to the father, there was never any hostage or imprisonment situation. He says his son never pointed a gun at anyone, let alone police, and he accused police of recklessly firing a shot at his son for no reason at all.

Heider says the most important thing that happened was that everyone came out alive.