Last minute holiday shoppers hit the mall in force

Posted at: 12/22/2013 3:39 PM
Updated at: 12/23/2013 10:32 AM
By: Dan Bazile

For some, it's almost a tradition. It doesn't matter how long their Christmas list, they wait and procrastinate until they absolutely have to go shopping.

"Every Christmas like clockwork. My family loves it. I keep them on pins and needles to say the least,” said last minute shopper Chris Fabraio of Colonie.

Fabraio was hunting for an Xbox 360 at Crossgates Mall. He had a rough time trying to find the Xbox One, a hot item this year, among other electronic gadgets.

“It's good as gold. It's Willie Wonka's golden ticket they call it. I would say the hot, highest demand is the Playstation 4,” said Fabraio.

The entire stock of Playstation 4 is almost gone. Best Buy General Manager Sephon Bowden says customers were waiting outside from 6 p.m. Saturday to get their hands on the gaming console as soon as they went on sale Sunday morning.

The lines inside Best Buy were very long. A sign that retailers say the final push for Christmas is looking good. This year overall sales are expected to rise to nearly four percent compared to last's year's holiday season. That's according to the National Retail Federation.

Retail experts say stores do everything they can to lure customers in, including deep discounts. They seem to be working. It was not even midday and Crossgates Mall was already packed.