Biden, Cuomo discuss rebuilding after Sandy

Posted at: 01/07/2014 11:16 AM
Updated at: 01/07/2014 6:24 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

Vice President Joe Biden appears with Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the state Capitol in Albany.
Vice President Joe Biden appears with Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the state Capitol in Albany.
Photo: WNYT

ALBANY - 15 months after Superstorm Sandy brought unprecedented damage to parts of New York City and Long Island, nearly 2 and a half years after Irene and Lee slammed our area, the Governor and the Vice President are still talking about recovery and rebuilding, but smarter.

"We have to rebuild in a way that you will not be victimized by a similar storm again because if we don't, we're just wasting money," said Vice President Joe Biden.

The federal government is giving New York State five billion, 100 million dollars this year for storm recovery, part of a 60 billion dollar overall multi-year, multi-state federal package.

The Vice President had a hand in all of that, especially with his many years of Senate contacts, although he neither voted on the money nor signed the bill. That, of course, is a Presidential function.

So it isn't really clear why he was here Tuesday talking about this.

We would have asked, if we could have, but neither the Veep nor the Governor were taking any questions.

Just as the event broke up, Secret Service still much on display, a garden variety Albany Capitol demonstration surged up the first floor steps that ordinary news photogs had been told they were not allowed to use, up to the second floor where the Vice President was, where more Secret Service and State Police were denying access to areas of the building normally open

Police did not try to intercept the loud but well-behaved protest. They were allowed to give their message to a governor's aide and then left.