When someone suffers a seizure.

Posted at: 01/13/2014 2:18 PM
By: Benita Zahn

A friend shared a story about a young relative who was injured during a sporting event and began convulsing. Someone tried to 'keep them from swallowing their tongue' and suffered an injury.

NEVER put something in the mouth of a person suffering a seizure.

They will NOT swallow their tongue and attempting to 'save' them can cause them harm.

If you see someone suffering a seizure:

-Place some form of padding under the victim's head. If they're wearing a tie, loosen it.

-Turn the victim on his or her side to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway.

-Do not give liquids during or after a seizure.

-If breathing stops, attempt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation only when the jerking movement stops.

-Do not restrain the victim.

and CALL  9-1-1 if a single seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, seizures occur one after another, of if the victim is pregnant or injured.