Making the whole pot of coffee

Posted at: 01/20/2014 2:02 PM
By: Benita Zahn

There are many advances aimed at saving us time. I'm good with that. But some of what we get diminishes from what we had.

I'm talking about single serve coffee makers.

Yes, they're fast and convenient,  but to me, there is something cold about them.

When you make a pot of coffee you're inviting others to join you, to share. The aroma from the brewed coffee fills the room, warming it and it brings the promise of another cup, a warm-up,  for you and others without a wait.

The single serve units say, here, take your coffee and scram. And if you want a second cup and I do too, well, one of us is going to have to wait.

Yeah, I know there are more pressing matters in the world - but the point of all this is, progress isn't always about what we're getting - we have to be aware of what we're giving up.