Snow contractors hearing 'no salt for you' from suppliers

Posted at: 02/12/2014 5:16 PM
Updated at: 02/12/2014 5:36 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

ALBANY - For Joanne Genovese, it's so near, yet so far away.

In past years she's needed only to go to a huge pile of salt at the Port of Albany, load up 18 tons or so, drive onto a scale and haul it to her supply shed.

However, that's not happening this year.

Genovese says she was told by a salt company employee "that it was committed to municipalities".

Joanne has the contract for snow removal and ice treatment at the state's McCarty Avenue parking lot and one other in Albany. 

Right now you can see the salt residue so common this time of year.

Aggressive treatment of surfaces removes ice and slippery build up, but with Joanne being told no sale from her regular supplier, running out of salt will be a big problem.

Video on the website of Genovese's supplier, International Salt, says the company has a 5,000 year worldwide supply at its reserve in Chile. That doesn't do any good for upstate New York.

A company representative based in Pennsylvania said by phone they're getting hundreds of sales requests each day which they're turning down for lack of immediate supply,.

She says International Salt has sold 136 percent more product this season than last winter.

Unfortunately, they work on estimates prepared the previous summer, so producing greatly increased supply isn't an instant process.