Moreau woman mistakenly mails cash in unsealed envelope, gets all back

Posted at: 03/13/2014 6:10 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

FORT EDWARD - Before Susan Archambault went to her job as a secretary at St. Joseph's Church one day last month, she stopped at her credit union to pick up her daughter's tax refund.

Susan's plan was to give the $882 in a bank envelope to her daughter that afternoon.

But things got hectic at the church office.

"In the meantime, we had an accident at the church, somebody had fallen, so we had total chaos," said Archambault.

The bank envelope got mixed in with a stack of envelopes she had to mail on behalf of the church.

"I went to go home, I took [the stack], rubber banded it, out the door it went. "

On the way to her home in South Glens Falls, Susan stopped at the same mailbox she always does and dropped everything in.

"That evening she called me and said I'll pick my money up tomorrow. Panic struck. I said 'okay.'"

Susan re-traced her steps at the church office, but she now realized what had happened. The next morning she went to the post office in Glens Falls, but they told her the mail had already been shipped to the sorting facility in Colonie. She called there.

"She said they would check, they would look for it. I had no hopes of getting it back."

But the next day the Colonie post office called her. They told her she was in luck.

"'They didn't notice it until it started going through the sorters," she said. "It was coming out of every place. They were finding it."

They found every last dollar.

"And it was all there. And I would expect if I had change in there, 95 cents, I would have gotten back now"

Archambault says she has tremendous respect for the integrity of the postal workers.

And if you're wondering what she told her daughter when she called that night to tell her she'd pick up the money the next day.

"I didn't tell her I lost it!," she laughed "No, she's got a bad temper."

Susan eventually told her daughter and says that if the money hadn't been recovered, she planned to pay her back every dollar.