Troy Police: Search for 'monster' expands to Virginia, Florida

Posted at: 03/20/2014 11:40 AM
Updated at: 03/20/2014 5:48 PM
By: WNYT Staff

TROY - Troy police say Jesse Sawyer, 25, is most likely out of his comfort zone and probably running from the law. At this point they believe he's capable of doing anything.

"We still are making the strong case that Mr. Sawyer, while he is out, is a dangerous man," said Troy Police Captain John Cooney.

Sawyer is wanted for what police say are unspeakable crimes. He's accused of having sex with three young girls, and taking pictures of the acts. Police say one victim was 6 years old. The other two were under the age of 5. Police say Sawyer and the victims were acquaintances. The investigation began when a woman came forward earlier this year. With a federal warrant out for his arrest, the manhunt has now gone national.

"The beauty of a federal arrest warrant is that we can basically have Mr. Sawyer picked up any place within the confines of the United States of America," Cooney said.

Even though police say they have no idea where Sawyer is, they've received tons of tips from the public that sawyer could be in the Capital Region or as far away as Virginia or Florida.

"We have not determine him yet to be out of Troy," Cooney said. "However, the fact that we're starting to get calls from out of state, certainly overtime, lead us to believe that he'll flee."

Authorities are are also watching the airports and any type of international transportation for any sign of Sawyer.

"He's probably just running right now and cowering and waiting for the police to come up with him," Cooney said.

Troy Police say they've followed up on 90 percent of the tips. They encourage anyone who has the slightest bit of information to give them a call at 518-270-4411.