Albany County sues 3 furniture stores

Posted at: 04/10/2014 4:58 PM
Updated at: 04/11/2014 10:28 AM
By: WNYT Staff

Albany County is suing three furniture stores that provided mattresses to people in need.

The suit claims the stores sold unsanitary, defective and poor quality mattresses.

Those people were buying them with vouchers from the Department of Social Services.

County Executive Dan McCoy says, when they suspected trouble, they decided to do a little undercover work.   

“We had employees of the county go to these stores, buy these mattresses. We videotaped the whole thing so we crossed our t's and dotted our i's and the dog only hit on the 99 Cent and More Mattresses, confirming that there's bed bugs,” says McCoy.

That store was 99 Cents and More Mattresses at 141 South Pearl Street in Albany.

The other two stores named in the lawsuit are Triple A Furniture Outlet on Central Avenue and City Discount Furniture also on Central.

They are accused of swapping the items they sold, not delivering items, or delivering broken or dirty products.