April 15 is deadline for gun registration in New York

Posted at: 04/14/2014 4:25 PM
Updated at: 04/15/2014 9:44 AM
By: Bill Lambdin

ALBANY - No question there are a lot of angry gun owners out there.

Fifteen months after the SAFE Act was quickly passed through the state legislature and signed by Gov. Cuomo, its biggest proponent, those with the opposing view continue to turn out by the thousands to protest.

"Oh, there's a very high level of anger that remains out there," said New York State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King.

The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association is working with the National Rifle Association to try to overturn the SAFE Act in federal court.

A provision arbitrarily limiting bullets in a clip to seven has already been tossed out by a judge.

There are several other legal issues still being fought over.

Sales of new guns with defined features that the law classifies as assault weapons were banned soon after passage.

New Yorkers who already owned so-called assault weapons were allowed to keep them, but are required to register them with state police by April 15.

The governor and top law enforcement have avoided saying what happens if individuals fail to register.

Some have envisioned cops going door to door. That would seem unlikely without probable cause, but no one really knows.

"There's been no official word from anybody yet and I don't think that they really want to tell anybody anything until they see how many people are signing up or if they are, at all," King said.