Parishioners gather in Albany for Bishop Scharfenberger's first Easter Mass

Posted at: 04/20/2014 3:00 PM
Updated at: 07/17/2015 9:38 AM
By: Dan Bazile

Bishop Edward Scharfenberger celebrated Easter Sunday at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany. It's his first Easter following his ordination and installation as bishop of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese a little over a week ago.

“To me I'm doing what a priest does on Easter Sunday. I'm celebrating with my flock and I'm doing basically the same thing,” said the bishop.

Scharfenberger was installed and ordained on April 10, replacing Bishop Howard Hubbard. He says other than a few different faces, celebrating mass here is like being at his old parish back in Brooklyn.

A significant and special day for Christians around the world, they believe Easter Sunday is the day Jesus was resurrected. People like Diane Piegare, who lives in Glenmont, specifically came here to be a part of the celebration.

“Maybe I'll get communion from the bishop. Maybe that's asking too much,” she said. This day was even more special for Piegare’s daughter, little Shyelyn. It’s her first Easter ever. Her family, along with many others, took time to give thanks.

Scharfenberger says the message to all of them was simple on this Easter Sunday, "God wants everybody to cherish the humanity and the joy of being alive and celebrate that with one another.”