CommerceHub hosts scholarship competition

Posted at: 04/25/2014 4:41 PM
By: WNYT Staff

NewsChannel 13’s STEM 13 segment features a local college graduate, who started a successful company and has come up with a way to keep other local college grads in the Capital Region.

Walking into the offices of CommerceHub, you see a lot of people sitting at computers, typing away, working on something that has most likely affected you personally.

It all started with Frank Poore, the company's founder, and a U-Albany graduate.

“There's not a perception graduating from here that wow you can really start a company and be successful,” says Poore.

After he got his MBA from U-Albany, he worked with a company based in Malta that sold video games.

It was 1997. E-commerce was just starting, and Frank had a vision.

“I tried to help hook this guy up so he could fulfill product for online retailers,” he says.

He reached out to some big companies. That idea grew into CommerceHub.

Whenever you place an order on websites like Best Buy, Kohl's or Walmart, more than likely CommerceHub is coordinating your order.

They work with the suppliers to get your package to you on time.

Last year they did $7 billion worth of retail transactions.

The magic all happens inside their data center, it's all about technology.

“We are a tech company whether it's science or math or engineering, it's all one in the same, there's just different disciplines of the use of it,” says Poore.

Frank wants to keep college grads here, so he's come up with a scholarship competition.

Current college juniors, seniors or grad students are invited to make a video.

It doesn't matter if they use an I-Phone, webcam or something even fancier.

“The video quality doesn't matter. What matters is we're looking for individuals who have an entrepreneurial slant to their personality, they're passionate, have the ability to lead,” he says.

Your major, GPA and SAT scores don't matter.

Frank will select 2 winners, each will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship and a paid internship at CommerceHub.

“The whole thing is how do you keep people here, I think you have to give them the believe people are successful here,” says Poore.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship program is May 16. They’ll announce the winners May 30.