Albany County Sheriff: Albany Med nurse and her boyfriend stole patient identities

Posted at: 05/08/2014 11:30 AM
Updated at: 05/08/2014 5:52 PM
By: Abigail Bleck

Suzette Guzman-Moore works as an LPN at Albany Med.
Suzette Guzman-Moore works as an LPN at Albany Med.
Photo: Albany County Sheriff's office

Emmett Woods is also accused in the identity theft ring involving an AMC nurse.
Emmett Woods is also accused in the identity theft ring involving an AMC nurse.
Photo: Albany County Sheriff's office

ALBANY -- Suzette Guzman-Moore, LPN, is wearing scrubs in her mug shot.  Sheriff's investigators arrested the Albany Medical Center nurse, at the hospital, after they say she wrote down and pocketed private patient data -- names, social security numbers and birth dates -- while on the job and then she and her boyfriend, Emmett Woods, later used the information to apply for credit cards.

"This was a single individual who took advantage of her job responsibility and violated our policies and breached our trust," explains Noel Hogan, of Albany Medical Center.

After seizing computers, cell phones and handwritten documents from the couple's TenBroeck Street apartment, investigators say they identified between 50 and 60 potential identity theft victims.  The Sheriff's Department doesn't believe that Guzman-Moore hacked into AMC's computer system but did, Craig Apple says, commit "crimes of opportunity."

"I don't think this is a systemic outreach.  We think it is somewhat isolated," Apple added.

Investigators also recovered evidence from three other Albany homes.  It's believed the couple was using the addresses and having the phony credit cards sent there.  At one location, information that should only have been known to the Albany County Coroner's Office was recovered.  That evidence suggests cards may have been procured in dead people's names.

"It's an investigation that's like a spider web and that's why we want to get this info out quickly," says Apple.

Apple pointed out that Woods already served time in prison for similar charges and was currently on probation for those two felonies.

"I wouldn't say one is guiltier than the other. They both had a part in this and both will pay for it."

If you think you may have been victimized, call the Albany County Sheriff Department's Tip Line at 518-720-8075. 

Because Guzman-Moore was a nursing student working towards her RN, it's possible there were security breaches at other, local health care facilities where she was doing clinical rotations.