St. Louis scores, Memorial chair, Celebrities help with proposal

Posted at: 05/12/2014 7:14 AM
By: Nicole Hart

An emotional day on the ice for one New York Rangers player who, unexpectedly lost his mom just a few days ago is trending. Knowing Sunday night's playoff game fell on Mother's Day, veteran forward, Martin St. Louis, knew it would be emotional. Then this happened: first period, Marty deflected the puck into the net, off the rebound, scoring the first goal of the game. The video of the goal has gone viral overnight. Naturally, he was a bit emotional after he scored. He grabbed the puck before heading to the bench. After the game he said, "it was a good moment." The Rangers went on to win. The series against the Penguins is now tied at 3 games a piece. Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semi-final series is Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

From one touching tribute to the next, this story is trending on BuzzFeed. A Minnesota man was at a yard sale with his wife. It was there he spotted a crib. Gerald Kumpala, a woodworker, asked if he could buy it, but the owner was hesitant. Turns out, the crib belonged to the grieving mother's son who was stillborn last July. After their conversation with the mother, Gerald and his wife bought the crib and took it home with them. Then, just one week later, they brought the crib back to the mother, which they had transformed into a memorial bench.

She said yes! The long and short of this viral video: a few celebrities helped a guy propose to his girlfriend. How do you say no to John Stamos, Orlando Jones and TJ Miller?