Casey Kasem missing, Jay Z and Solange Knowls elevator fight, Bars & Melody stun audience

Posted at: 05/13/2014 7:13 AM
By: Nicole Hart

Casey Kasem, the man known for "counting down the hits" is trending. Unfortunately, Kasem is trending after a judge ordered state officials to look for the radio legend. The order came after a lawyer for Kasem's wife told the judge he didn't know where Kasem was. The 82-year-old suffers from Parkinson's Disease and can no longer speak.

Also trending: Jay Z and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles. TMZ got their hands on a video of what appears to be the two fighting. The video has quickly gone viral. TMZ says the surveillance video is from an elevator, taken the night of the recent Met Gala in New York City. A man who appears to be Jay Z gets on the elevator. He is followed by a woman who resembles Solange Knowles. Shortly after, the woman starts swinging. No word yet on what caused the family feud. There has been no comment from anyone involved.

This video has nearly 2.5 million hits on YouTube in just two days. A youthful musical duo on Britain's Got Talent, charms the audience with a rap they wrote about being bullied. "I feel so scared when you shout and push me down. You kick me, punch me, throw me to the ground. When I ask you, yo, what have I done, you hit me again and make fun of my mom. Cause I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today Take this music and use it, let it take you away." they sing. The boys got a standing ovation from the crowd and all four judges after their performance. They even got Simon Cowell to push "the Golden buzzer," automatically advancing them to the live shows.