Poll: overwhelming majority of NYers oppose Common Core

Posted at: 06/15/2014 2:08 PM
By: Dan Bazile

The majority of New Yorkers are calling for a time out, so to speak, on the Common Core learning standards. That's according to a Times Union and Siena College Upstate Education poll.

Pollster Dr. Don levy says the survey found that 82 percent of New Yorkers want to put the brakes on Common Core.

“When you get over 80 percent of the people who say that, that's what people believe,” said Levy.

Common Core is a set of high quality academic standards in math and English language arts. It's been the subject of scrutiny since test scores started sinking last year. Levy says everyone wants higher standards, but it seems they don't quite believe the Common Core will achieve that goal.

“It reads as though it's not a throw it away. It's a take inventory and let's launch 2.0,” he said.

The survey also looked at the quality and cost of education and teacher evaluations. It found that most New Yorkers don't understand why we test kids and give teachers or the school district a grade based on that performance. Levy says residents want test scores to be used as a gauge to help student achievement.

NYSUT spokesperson Carl Korn says this survey confirms what parents and teachers have been saying for well over a year -- that Common Core was rushed and it was not implemented correctly.