Police investigate mom's allegations of abuse at Northeast Parent and Child

Posted at: 06/20/2014 5:25 PM
Updated at: 06/20/2014 5:43 PM
By: Abigail Bleck

SCHENECTADY -- America White provided NewsChannel 13 with several still pictures of her 12 year old son, Ralph, with what appear to be swollen and bruised eyes.  The mother of four believes the black eyes came from staff at the Northeast Parent and Child group home on Park Avenue.

"This is what happens, goes on in these facilities this is what happens after hours when parents leave and people in the front office leave," explains White, thought tears.

White also gave NewsChannel 13 access to video she says Ralph captured inside the group home and she later recorded with her iPhone.  The video is laced with bad language and threats, according to America, from the staff whose job it is to keep her son safe.

At one point, in the video, an adult male can be heard saying, "I'm gonna kill a kid soon and you might be the kid I kill.  I'm seriously not kidding."

Later, the same voice states," You want me to expletive hurt you boy...I'm trying to be nice but you bring out the worst in me...stop expletive talking."

After showing NewsChannel 13 the video White said, "(They're) supposed to keep children safe, supposed to have care and respect for children with disabilities...all children.  For this to happen is wrong."

Due to confidentiality regulations, Northeast Parent and child would not comment on this specific case.  In a statement, the agency's spokesman Eugene White (not related to America or Ralph) wrote, "Whenever any allegation is made we treat it with utmost seriousness.  We conduct a comprehensive internal investigation and give our full and complete participation in external investigations conducted by state authorities and regulatory bodies."

Schenectady Police confirm there is an open investigation but have not interviewed the child or received a medical report.

"He's unhappy, he's unsafe--for this to happen to him is seriously wrong," adds America White.

America says the county placed Ralph in the Northeast Parent and Child facility.  He's still there.  She has three other children who are in the care of Parsons.