Men want rock-solid memorial for teen they never met

Posted at: 07/15/2014 6:22 PM
Updated at: 07/15/2014 6:56 PM
By: Mark Mulholland

LAKE LUZERNE - Since Hunter Scofield died in a rollover bus crash on July 5, friends and family have brought cards, flowers and balloons to the site of the accident.

Two men who never met Scofield felt a young man with such big dreams, needed something bigger.

The spot were Hunter was killed quickly became a monument to the 15-year-old honor student and athlete. People left cards, flower and balloons. However, men who never met the boy, felt it needed something much bigger.

“We wanted something to remember him forever, because he was going to do big things,” said Kevin Swinton.

Even though Swinton and Willam Cason never met Scofield, they felt compelled to do something to honor the child's memory. Cards, balloons and flowers weren't enough for a boy who was a good athlete and an outstanding student. This child had big potential and needed something big to remember him.

“All of us involved with the rock would never be what that kid was going to be. He was on the fast track to greatness,” said Swinton.

“The Rock” is a 1,200 pound marble stone buried in the riverbed. Cason had seen it during his many years as a river guide.  He and Swinton and some buddies went to work, raising it up, and lugging it by hand over several days and nights.

“Rolled it, flipped it, threw it on barge, dumped it a couple times, brainiac ideas, watched em' crash and burn,” said Cason.

Through lots of hard work they got it done. Now they're hoping someone will step forward to engrave it. They even know what it could say, one of Hunter's favorite quotes.

“That if you can't be friends with everyone, you can't be friends with anyone,” said Swinton.

Hunter would have turned 16 this coming Thursday. Friends are holding a public party for him that day in Hadley Park, followed by a balloon launch.